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What People Are Saying About Robanda

I recently visited the US and bought one of your products: Advanced Moisturizer with Retinol and Vitamin A. The cream is magnificent. Besides all the stated qualities, it’s actually great for my rosacea. It calms the skin and reduces the redness. This is a very surprising effect that I didn’t count on. I am in love with your product since no other treatments has had such good effect on my rosacea.

Klara S.


By chance I discovered Robanda’s Advanced Retinol Vitamin C Cream at John Bell and Croydon, the large chemist in London. It is really excellent and was particularly effective while I was on a four-week visit to Australia where the temperature was high and the sun strong. This is the only cream I have found to contain Vitamin A and high SPF.

Rosemary S.


Approximately a month ago I purchased your Robanda Rejuvenating Serum to replace an alpha-hydroxy product I had been using for a number of years. In just four weeks, I have noticed that my skin texture is smoother, the puffiness and circles under my eyes have been greatly reduced, my freckles and dark spots have faded and my skin tone is more even, and many fine lines have disappeared. Never I expect such a dramatic result. At 47, I have been using anti-aging products such as alpha-hydroxy, coenzyme Q10 and Retinol-A for about 10 years. Based on the results I was getting, I only expected to “hold the line” on the aging process, not actually reverse it! I am so pleased with the serum, I now have my husband using it (he is 52), and I look forward to trying other products in your line. Your grateful customer,

Alison M.
Springfield, VA


We’ve had great results selling this product (Intensive Night Cream) to our Rosacea customers. Susan K has Rosacea Acne, which is a difficult one. She called this morning and said the Robanda is actually smoothing her skin. She’s had no reddening or adverse side effects.

Marijane M.


I have very sensitive skin. I couldn’t use any other Vitamin A products in the past without an allergic reaction. I have been using the Robanda products and they are working wonderfully. I like the feel of them and I also like the price. My skin looks great!

Sharon S.


I just wanted to pay a compliment to your company and it’s products! I recently tried a girlfriend of mine anti-aging hand cream and LOVED IT! I went ahead and bought some for myself, as well as some anti-aging moisturizer, which I also love!! I also have been recommending your products non-stop to my friends and co-workers! So keep up the good work! I am your number one fan!

Celeste L.
Wentzville, MO


I wanted to thank you for all of the amazing skincare products. I love them. They all feel so good on my skin. The face creams are the only ones that I will use now. I’m hooked!

Harriet S.


I just wanted to let you know that your Pigment Control cream is amazing. I’m getting reasonably good results on my pigmentation (melasma), but I’m also seeing an unexpected total transformation of my skin texture. My pores are MUCH smaller, and the overall texture gets more beautiful everyday. I’ve been using the product for only about 4 weeks. Whereas most of my pores were clogged before, very few are today. I’ve been self conscious of my skin and now I feel like it’s really beautiful. The product is amazing, and I thought your should know. Thanks for the great product! I’ll tell all my friends.

Kendall M.
Virginia Beach, VA